Building leased. Books purchased. Furnishing and painting in progress. Opening October 1, 2019

Hi Everyone,

To give you all a quick update on our situation we now have a building and the building is listed on Google Maps. We also have a Facebook page that has really connected with the local community with over 7k followers.

Yawusa Kintha standing outside our building

Yawusa Kintha standing outside our building

We have also imported over 13,000 books and counting with security put into place.

Yawusa with the first shipment of books.

Yawusa with the first shipment of books.

We have plans to open the library October 1, 2019. We are currently painting and working on furnishing the building and ensuring that upon opening the building is functional and safe for all the South Sudan public to enjoy. For interested supporters, volunteers, or for early access for our soft opening in August please email: to coordinate or send us a message through the contact us tab on this website.

Thank you in advance for your help and support, we look forward to opening our doors soon!

Kind Regards,


Kevin T. Lenahan 

CEO | The South Sudan Library Foundation

Head Office Royal Bank Building Op, Shara Hotel 2nd floor office No. 6, Juba, Jubek 81111, South Sudan| 

+211 92 486 3318 | +254 713 436 675
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