Success Stories

We’re just getting started.


1. Triple-J Gets his first book!


Do you remember your first book?

I don’t.

Triple-J received his first book earlier this month. Yawusa and I were out and about in Juba, South Sudan and met Triple-J through Yawusa’s local church.

I had a few books with me at the time and remember wanting to give him his first book ever. I had Harry Potter, Where the Wild Things Are, and Sleeping Beauty.

Triple-J riffled through the three books for a few minutes and decided on Sleeping Beauty. He was absolutely transfixed on the pictures and images in the book. It was wonderful to watch.

Another boy started to tease him over choosing Sleeping Beauty by calling it a “girl’s” book. Triple-J without any pause replied “I don’t care, I love this book!”

““I don’t care, I love this book!”

— Triple-J